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So we appear to have been a little quiet on the blog front this year. Meaning we must have been busy!
2014 so far in the workshop has been busy we have had many bespoke and different commissions to get our teeth in to so far!
As you can see in the picture there is a small collection of the range of different items we have been beavering away at!

Wax seal stamp, ladybird charm, matching 4 leaf clover pendant and ring, halo earrings, a bespoke pendant and a marquise engagement ring are just a few to mention. Not to forget Newey’s pins for all the staff to wear!

One of the very different items we have had the pleasure of making is a wax seal stamp which went through many different stages of construction from start to finish such as threading, precision saw piercing and soldering, making it an exciting piece to construct. To sit along side signet rings which the gentleman had the same family crest engraved on to rings for his children which also double as wax seals.


Over and out

Money No Object Christmas Wish List

We decided to ask the staff in today regardless of price, what is their favourite item in the shop and why?


Here are the chosen items:

Sandra has chosen an 18ct white gold ring, encrusted with 0.36ct of diamond and set with a stunning 1.54ct yellow sapphire  “It is vibrant in colour and I love the claw set Art Deco style setting. I can imagine this is what Wallace Simpson would have worn.”


Jen has chosen an 18ct white gold three stone princess cut diamond ring with a total of 1.03ct of diamond  “As I have a round engagement ring I have always wanted a 3 stone and love the style of the mount from the side”



Louise has chosen a huge platinum 1.53ct princess cut solitaire diamond “it’s beautiful, I just love it”


Lucy has chosen a gorgeous platinum set with an emerald cut sapphire and diamonds  “it reminds me of classic Art Deco style and as a gemmologist I love coloured stones, this sapphire is stunning”


Jo has chosen a classic 18ct white gold 0.54ct brilliant round solitaire diamond”it’s elegant, stylish, a modern take on a classic twist”


Jayne has chosen a beautiful 18ct white gold 1.60ct diamond cluster “diamond encrusted bands have always been my favourite”


Bev has chosen an exquisite platinum 1.11ct total princess cut halo ring ” I love the PRINCESS cut diamond, as we are nearing Christmas its nice to believe in fairy tales”


Katie has chosen unusual 18ct yellow gold sapphire and diamond ring “I have always been a fan of sapphires and had never seen marquise shaped one before working here, it’s a little bit different”



Pam has chosen this one as it always keeps the stone looking round! It is known in the shop as the PB mount.



An over all favourite ring is this huge Pear shaped solitaire, it is particularly favoured by Sandra, Lucy and Lauren.



So pop in and come and tell us… What would be on your Newey’s Christmas Wish List?


On the 4th November Lauren and I went down to a beautiful graduation ceremony to pick up our diamond diplomas from the Gemmological Association of Great Britain. Both of us have studied on the H.N.D Gemmology course at the jewellery school and getting this qualification is the cherry on the cake. Getting this diploma is no easy feat; you have to study not only practical diamond grading but also the theory of diamonds – the geological origins, manufacture, the diamond pipeline, ethical issues, crystallography and much more.




The ceremony takes place in Goldsmiths hall in London, in a large, sumptuous room with beautiful crystal chandeliers, ornate paintings and lots of gold! Each individual when collecting their certificate had the privilege of shaking the hand of the diamond world giant – Mr Rapaport. Mr Rapaport was the creator of the Rapaport magazine and the online diamond trading site It was so great to meet a man who means so much in the diamond world and he gave such an inspirational speech even friends and family felt proud to be part of the jewellery trade family.

At the end there was a drinks reception and lots and lots of photos from proud friends and relatives. For me, it was lovely to get the recognition of putting in hard work and dedication and achieving the highest level you can get in the gemmological world.

So now, come and chat to us if you want to know any more about diamonds or gems as we have two qualified diamond graders and a gemmologist that need quizzing!

Childhood dreams

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As a young child in primary school I have a distinct memory of having a conversation with a friend about what we wanted to be when we were older. I remember my friend wanting to be a lawyer or doctor or something of that nature but I wasn’t sure and these didn’t appeal to me even at a young age. This got me thinking and prompted my decision of wanting to be a jeweller I decided I like jewellery a lot and enjoyed spending my pocket money and birthday or Christmas money on jewellery.
This decision stuck with me through my childhood, school education and to university where I graduated from in June 2013 after studying for 3 years on the BA (Hons) Jewellery and Silversmithing at the School of Jewellery. Whilst carrying on with my own work in my free time for exhibitions, I now have the privilege to have become part of the full time Neweys team,mainly in the workshop learning from the fantastic knowledge, living my childhood dreams and aspirations.


Katie x

Hello welcome to the new Neweys bloggers

Lets introduce ourselves, we are Lucy and Katie. We will be taking over the blogging from now on so look forward to lots of posts.

Lucy is a graduate from the Gemmology course at the world renowned School of Jewellery and recently received her Diamond diploma. She worked as an artist in resident at the school last year and started full time at Neweys in the summer, part of her job is sorting diamonds and gemstones for stock.

Katie is a recent graduate from the BA (Hons) Jewellery and Silversmithing course at the School of Jewellery. She started full time in the shop in September and is mainly based in the workshop In her free time makes her own contemporary jewellery for exhibitions.

We will also have help from Jenny who graduated in Marketing and is our Systems Controller. She has been here about 4 years and organises the numerous wedding fairs we attend throughout the country.

loose-diamonds know-your-diamond-cuts diamond engagement rings

5 Diamond Engagement Facts

Tradition states you should be spending around two months wages on an engagement ring for your partner. There are many options to consider when buying a ring but the average figure doesn’t really matter that much. It’s the affordability factor that really counts. A beautiful looking ring can start as low as £450 and work its way up to anything over £1 million. Continue reading